Our History

A Passion for Jewelry - since 1923


Mr. K.S. Sze embarked his jewelry journey in the early 1920’s in Shanghai and relocated to Hong Kong in 1949.  Rich in history, “K.S. Sze & Sons” remains one of the most respected and prestigious jewelry shops in Hong Kong, offering exceptional suite of products and services, from carefully curated pieces to detailed custom designs.  Our retail boutique shop has been located in the Mandarin Oriental since it opened in 1963.  Superior craftsmanship, premium gems and consistency of quality are hallmarks of our work.  This is why many of our client relationships go back to more than half a century.   Mr. K.S. Sze believed that the charm and the immortal nature of jewelry can connect a family; passing love between its members, from generation to generation. 

Old Boutique located in Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong in 1970s

Throughout the years, we have developed global sourcing capabilities, enabling us to obtain top quality gem stones and diamonds at very competitive prices.  We have also collected rare pieces of antique and vintage jewelry, presenting the elegance and splendor of renowned historical European brands and designers.

Our Mandarin Oriental Boutique today


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